Editors' Choice

Meteorite Smoked Salmon

Steve Porter / March 15, 2017

Everybody has that one comfort food that they cook that might seem strange to an outsider, either because of the method used to get the job done or because of the ingredients that go into it.


Bob Kramer is a Master Bladesmith, and while filming a promotional video for his Meiji knife collection (a combination of Japanese visual styles balanced with Western performance) with Sur La Table Corp, it came time to fix up some grub. Bob sets out to show the world how he makes one of favorite dishes. All you need is salmon steaks, some corn husks, a little bit of dill, salt, pepper, a pot, a cooking rack, cherry-wood chips and, oh yeah, a red hot meteorite.  



You place the meteorite in the pot with the cherry-wood on top of it. Lower in your cooking rack and cover the top of it in corn husk to avoid sticking. Add your seasoned salmon and cover for 10 minutes and boom – you’re done. Our only concern would be the fumes from any minerals found within the space rock. The process is no doubt completely unconventional, however, you can’t deny that the fish looked amazing!