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Mindy Kaling Is Having a Baby!

Arin Spits / August 22, 2017

That’s right folks! The same Mindy Kaling who plays Dr. Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project, will be looking for an actual doctor to deliver her future baby. Mindy official confirmed her pregnancy during a TODAY interview that was released last week.


Although there were rumors that broke in the middle of July, this is the first time that Kaling confirmed the news. Previously she would decline to comment.


While speaking to Willie Geist about motherhood, Kaling said the whole thing is “so unknown” to her. She says she has a lot of control over parts of her life, this one is kinda totally out of her control, which she says is a kind of fun feeling.



During the segment which is set to air on Sept. 10, she also spoke about her own mother. She sadly passed away in 2012 due to pancreatic cancer, but Kaling described her mom as her best friend. She spoke about how her mom was incredibly supportive – especially since Mindy’s career choice was not ordinary. Her mother was supportive no matter what, and it’s something Kaling hopes to give to her child as well.


The Mindy Project is set to returns for its sixth and final season on Hulu on Sept. 12.


Featured image via ibtimes (Reuters)