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MLB Star Kris Bryant Gets Pranked By Greg Maddux

Ben Migono / February 17, 2017

Back in May 2016, MLB star, Kris Bryant, teamed up with the head coach at Mesa Community College in Arizona to prank the Thunderbirds college baseball team.


The coach tricked his team into thinking they had a new transferred player who’d be taking one of their spots in the line up. Bryant, who disguised himself as a college sophomore by the name of Roy Nabryt (Roy, standing for Rookie of the Year, and Nabryt as a combination of last name Bryant) would be joining in their practice and meeting the team for the first time.


Many of the players were nervous about taking in this hot shot transfer and how he might change the dynamic of their team culture, but soon enough, players would begin to recognize the transfer was none other than the National League Rookie of the Year, Kris Bryant.



This year, Bryant has found himself on the receiving end of a new prank. This prank would include Baseball Hall of Famer, and former Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves star, Greg Maddux. Maddux was known for his pitching and was a 4-time Cy Young Award winner and earned nicknames like ‘Mad Dog’ and ‘The Professor’.


In this prank, Bryant is just going through a basic batting workout prior to heading out for spring training. As he does his routine on the field, he’s joined by a camera crew to film his workout. Little does he know, one of the crew members is actually Maddux in disguise.


Watch the prank in the video below to see the MLB star get a taste of his own medicine.