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More Survivors Found In Italian Avalanche Aftermath

Diana Rolland / January 20, 2017

On Wednesday, January 18, 2017, an avalanche smashed into the 4-star Hotel Rigopiano located in the Abruzzo region in Italy. Four earthquakes were reported in central Italy that day and combined with heavy snowfall made rescue efforts all that more difficult. It’s uncertain whether or not the earthquakes contributed to the avalanche.


Guests were gathered on the ground floor before the avalanche hit, apparently waiting to be evacuated from the area due to earthquakes. The help didn’t come in time which was delayed due to bad weather.


Source: cbc (Italian Firefighters/ANSA/Associated Press)


While 7 staff members and 22 guests were registered at the hotel at the time of the disaster, but if accounting for casual visitors, this number could reach up 35 people missing. The force of the avalanche took down the roof and even shifted the building off its foundations by 11 yards (10 meters).


Fast forward two-days later, and some hope still remains for the missing. 8 people, among them two young girls and a young boy, were found alive in the kitchen area of the now destroyed hotel.


Rescue efforts are hopeful of finding more survivors, though four bodies were found deceased among the rubble and snow on Thursday.


Featured image via Vigili del Fuoco/Handout (REUTERS)