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Moving Heavy Furniture Can Be Super Easy

Diana Rolland / January 10, 2017

Based out of Southern California, the Forearm Forklift MovXing Cradle was developed by professional mover, Mark Lopreiato, who was looking to increase efficiency while moving furniture.


He originally came up with the Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps and then developed the MovXing Cradle product which is an over-the-shoulder strap system, designed to help two people move large furniture.



The Forearm Forklift lifting straps were first created over a decade ago to help people with heavy lifting. The straps made out of 100% polypropylene, are ergonomically designed and encourage proper and safer lifting techniques, while reducing the number of potential injuries.


After experiencing a lot of success, Forearm Forklift then developed the MovXing Cradle which has become very popular. This body harness system can be adjusted to carry items of all sizes and can lift up to 800 pounds. Most commonly, it’s used to carry desks, lockers, furniture, machinery, tubs, mattresses, appliances and more.



The straps are easily adjustable, they fasten to your body, and not only do they help make moving easier, and reduce back injuries, but they also help prevent floors from being scratched or damaged.


How it makes lifting so easy is that the harness distributes the weight all throughout your upper body, as opposed to your forearms. By spreading the support, it uses the rest of your upper body to help carry the weight. With this harness, it makes heavy objects feel a lot lighter.


In this video you can see Mark talk more about these lifting systems and give a live demonstration.



Over 7 million pairs of lifting straps have been sold worldwide.


You can purchase on Amazon here or check out their site for more info here.


Featured image via Forearm Forklift