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New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Is Visually Stunning and Perfectly Mysterious

Steve Porter / May 9, 2017

The trailer for Blade Runner 2049 is here and fans can’t wait for its release.


The upcoming neo-noir dystopian sci-fi film is the sequel we never knew we wanted, from Ridley Scott’s iconic 1982 film, Blade Runner. This beautiful and surreal movie is led by acclaimed director Denis Villeneuve, who also successfully directed another recent sci-fi film, Arrival. Check out the trailer below.



It’s been over 3 decades since the monumental dystopian classic was released, starring Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard. In this sequel, Ford reprises his role and stars alongside Ryan Gosling who plays Officer K in a film that gives us glimpses of similarity from the original with flying cars, and a dark and mysterious futuristic metropolis saturated with ads. However it also contrasts the the dense city with the bright colors of the desert-like wasteland.



The trailer shows us that Officer K is in search for Deckard, and he’s been on a hunt to find him for quite some time now. We also see some very visually stunning shots, a seemingly different plot line, and a much more expansive world than the original Blade Runner, however we still get a very mysterious and intriguing theme of identity.



Blade Runner 2049, which also includes Jared Leto, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, Ana de Armas and Mackenzie Davis in the cast, looks to revive the classic dystopian series. The trailer perfectly teases us with hints of what we might get, but it also leaves us with the right amount of mystery for us to have to wait till October 6 when the film is released.