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New Straps Transform Your Shoe Into Easy Slip-Ons

Ben Migono / December 11, 2016

How annoying is it when you’re walking down the street, or in a mall, and you notice your shoelace is undone. It might be a crowded place, or you’re running late, and it’s just so inconvenient to bend down and tie your laces.


If everything nowadays has evolved and advanced, why are we still tying our shoes with laces?


Well, you never have to tie your shoelaces ever again with this new innovation.


They’re called HICKIES and they replace your shoestrings and transform your shoes into slip-ons. It saves you time, and makes putting your shoes on so convenient. Not to mention, these HICKIES are easy to use, and give your shoes a fresh new look.



HICKIES give you a faster way of securing your shoes, as well as makes your shoes more attractive with a clean, slick look, rather than with your traditional shoelaces.


Each strap is one size fits all, but they can adapt to your foots movements. Each strap can also be manually adjusted, by connecting the eyelet, to have different tension on different parts of the shoe so that it stays secure.


Image via HICKIES

Image via HICKIES


You can see how this lacing system works, and how it keeps your shoe secure by visiting their website here. They’ve got a ton of demo videos and more.


It started off as an idea, then a Kickster project, and now it’s a full fledge business. Read about how HICKIES all started here.


Featured image via HICKIES