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New Trailer for Planet Earth II Is Breathtaking

Diana Rolland / November 11, 2016

BBC One released a new trailer for the sequel of their popular series Planet Earth and it is simply stunning. The sequel documentary series explores the natural world and was filmed over the span of 4 years and shot in 64 different countries.


Planet Earth II was shot in 4K, which makes the experience of exploring and discovering the natural world more beautiful and breath taking than anything you’ve ever seen before.


You can watch the stunning 1-minute trailer below.



The first Planet Earth (2006) was the most expensive nature documentary series that was every commissioned by the BBC. It consisted of 11 episodes, that were each 50 minutes long, exploring different biomes and habitats on Earth.


Here’s the trailer for the original Planet Earth



Planet Earth II will be premiering soon, but no official date has been announced. English broadcaster and naturalist, Sir David Attenborough, returns to narrate the sequel.


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