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New Venom Movie Based on ‘Lethal Protector’ Comics

Steve Porter / December 19, 2017

Sony hasn’t had a lot of luck with the Spider-Man franchises, so if Tom Hardy has a chance to recreate the studio’s image, the storyline better be a pretty good one. During the Comic Con Experience in Sao Paulo, Hardy confirmed that the new film will draw inspiration from the Lethal Protector miniseries from comic book lore.


Although a Spider-Man spinoff, Venom is still one of the realm’s most popular characters – but fans are wondering how a film would work without everyone’s favorite web-slinger. Hardy has said that he will be doing the character justice and that the movie is inspired from the 1993 miniseries ‘Lethal Protector’.


As the name suggests, Venom is no longer the villain that he once was, becoming an antihero during his transition to San Francisco after a truce was struck between him and Spider-Man. Hardy will be playing Eddie Brock, and if the film stays true to the comics, the Life Foundation is hot on Brock’s heels. They’re responsible for creating five new symbiote spawn, but in all likelyhood this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce Carnage who is already rumored to be the main villain. For those in the know, Carnage is much more than a villain and is more of a brutal, senseless, psychopath.


If Sony wants to get back into fans’ good graces, they might be inclined to add a R-rated flavor – something many fans would appreciate considering Carnage’s merciless nature. We can only hope!


Featured image via nerdist