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Nike Has Created The ‘Pro Hijab’ For Muslim Athletes

Ben Migono / March 11, 2017

Nike, the brand most known for its athletic apparel and footwear, has expanded their product line to cater to their Middle Eastern customers. Their first product, called the Pro Hijab, is targeted towards Muslim female athletes and is scheduled for release in spring of 2018. The Pro Hijab, will be made of a stretchy, lightweight polyester mesh material and it will come in three colors: obsidian, black, and gray. It will allow for breathability and is elongated in the back so that it will not some untucked while competing/training.


To test out the product during the stages of development, Nike got some help from some athletes who know a thing or two about competing with a hijab. This group of women consisted of Amna Al Haddad, a weight lifter originating from the United Arab Emirates and Olympic athlete, Manal Rostom, a triathlete residing in Dubai currently, and Zahra Lari, the first international competitor from the United Arab Emirates to compete in figure skating.


Source: nytimes Vivienne Balla/Nike


Allowing women to wear hijabs during competitions is starting to become more prominent. One such athlete is Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first Muslim American to represent the United States in the Olympics while wearing a hijab. Even in soccer, FIFA began allowing religious headgear in 2014, and in basketball, FIBA is waiting to vote on the matter for May of this year.


Aside from the political aspects of such bans, having a product that is designed specifically for athletes is a welcome addition to their gear. In Amna Al Haddad’s case, she was having difficulty finding headgear that wouldn’t shift or move when she did, and for something that was more breathable – this is what inspired the Pro Hijab project.


The Pro Hijab is expected to retail for $35 USD.


Featured image via nytimes (Vivienne Balla/Nike)