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Nintendo Boosting Production Of The Switch

Steve Porter / May 29, 2017

The company is expecting that the demand of their Switch consoles will ramp up during the holiday shopping season this year, and so they’re being proactive and have upped their production orders accordingly.


When the system first launched in March, units flew off store shelved and it’s been hard for customers to get their hands on one before they sell out. While they’ve already boosted their production in March, they feel it’s necessary to ramp up again and they’re aiming to produce 18 million Switch consoles by March 2018. With this approach, they’re hoping to avoid any ‘customer tantrums’ this holiday season.



A report by the Financial Times stated that Nintendo denied the plans of producing 18 million units. They are sticking to their official hardware shipping target of 10 million units. However, some analysts believe that the Japanese gaming giant is on track to produce twice as much of that number.


This comes as great news for customers, but it does pose a few challenges for Nintendo. The Financial Times has noted that there could be a shortage of supply of components needed fore the Switch – like the LCD screens.


If you haven’t picked one up yet, you could be in luck soon.


Featured image via pcmag