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Parents Of HSBC Employee Refuse To Walk Gay Daughter Down Aisle At Wedding, CEO Does It Instead

Arin Spits / March 15, 2017

Parents just don’t understand


Those words have never been truer after what happened for this HSBC employee. Her name is Jennifer and her parents were never onboard with her lesbian relationship. In fact, they were adamantly against it. Her father would always tell Sam, her partner, to get lost whenever he saw her. So, when it came time to the wedding, her parents refused to go. Instead, HSBC Taiwan CEO, John Li, stepped up to walk Jennifer down the aisle. Tears, tears everywhere…


Even before the wedding, Jennifer had her doubts about coming out as gay at all. She tried to date men to appease her father, even willing to a man and live her life with a lie. Jennifer also had her doubts coming out to her employer. She thought that by doing so, she would be offending clients and this would hurt HSBC. As it turned out, her clients were pretty supportive, and in the end, so were her boss and coworkers.


Jennifer and Sam have been together for 11 years. What’s crazy is that they also happen to have the very same birthday – same day, same month, same year – AND they share the same blood type. Talk about compatibility!



It’s great to see HSBC taking everything in stride positively. After all, it’s 2017!