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New Eminem Documentary ‘Partners In Rhyme’

Shelby Chau / November 27, 2016

You don’t have to be a hip hop head to know that Eminem is one of the undisputed greats and should belong in anyone’s list of the top five lyricists to have ever blessed the microphone. The 20th anniversary of Eminem’s Infinite album recently came and went and in honor of it, this new short documentary was published to WorldstarHipHop on Friday, November 18th.


In the doc, we get a glimpse behind the curtains and learn what led up to – and went into – the creation of the now infamous album.


Infinite was Eminem’s first album where he had a style that anyone who knows him today would be able to recognise. Prior to Infinite, Marshall Mathers was still finding his legs and imitating people he admired. Infinite has 11 tracks and a total runtime of nearly 38 minutes.


Everyone knows of Eminem’s struggle and his story which is captured in his only venture into acting, the 2002 quasi-biopic film “8 Mile”. The new documentary, however, titled “Partners in Rhyme,” provides us with a deeper look into Eminem’s struggle and journey leading up to the success of Infinite. Partners in Rhyme clocks in at just under 10 minutes and is quite inspirational. You can really see where the inspiration for 8 Mile protagonist, Jimmy “B Rabbit” Smith, came from.


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