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Phone Case Comes With Built-in Selfie Stick

Diana Rolland / January 26, 2017

Here’s the first ever smartphone case with a built-in full-length selfie stick.


The idea behind this innovation was to eliminate the need to carry both a phone and a selfie-stick, as well as to minimize the time to set up your phone on a selfie stick. Instead, with this 2 in 1 invention, you can immediately capture the moment, pulling out the selfie stick directly from your case.



Engaging the selfie stick is quick and secure and you just need to pull on the retractable rods on the back, rotate your phone, adjust the camera, and click away.


The extendable and retractable stick is made out of aluminum, and it slides out smoothly.



The camera function is operated through the built-in Bluetooth remote by the handle of the stick.


The case also features its kickstand mode, that allows your phone to sit on its side for convenient viewing. The entire design is very sleek, simple and compact, but also secure, durable and lightweight.



This innovation was launched as a Kickstarter campaign at the end of 2015 and before it was even officially manufactured, counterfeit versions were being sold. They successfully raised over $50K in January 2016 are already in the market. Just be careful for the knockoffs.



StikBox weighs 4.6oz, extends up to 28.3 inches and is currently available for iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus, Samsung s6/s6 Edge.


For more information, you can check out the StikBox website here.


Featured image via Stikbox