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Play With Your Pet From Anywhere In The World

Diana Rolland / February 7, 2017

Technology helps us in so many different ways. We can communicate with people around the world, we can order things and have it delivered directly to our homes, and we can pay for things using our smart phones. Technology has helped make things a lot more convenient for us in our busy lives, but can it help us when we’re too busy to take care of our pets?


Actually, yes. Yes, it can. That’s the whole idea behind PlayDate, a remote control smart ball, controlled with your mobile device to play with, communicate, and check up on your furry little friend when you’re not able to be at home.



It all started with New York’s, Kevin Li, who discovered that there weren’t really any technological solutions for pet owners when they had to leave home. Kevin had just gotten a puppy and didn’t want to leave it at home alone.


Since that moment, the PlayDate was created and developed, as a pet toy controlled remotely through a mobile app for pet owners who can’t always be at home. The sturdy smart ball holds a wide-angle HD camera with a built in camera stabilizer.


The live HD camera is controlled by your device, so you can follow your pet, play with your pet, and even capture moments and memories, by being able to take photos and record videos.



The smart ball also has a built in microphone and speaker, so you can hear your pet, and also talk to them. The camera, speaker and microphone sit safely in the ball protected by a durable outer shell, made out of shatterproof polycarbonate. The thick shell can also be replaced, prolonging the life of the PlayDate.


All you need to operate the PlayDate is to download the free app from the App Store or Google Play and you can use your smart phone to control the pet toy. You’ll see a live camera stream displayed on your device, along with a directional touch-pad that helps you navigate the smart ball and control its movement. PlayDate can also be operated using a computer or tablet as long as there’s an internet connection.



PlayDate is the world’s first truly interactive pet camera and pet toy and started off as an Indiegogo campaign, seeking funds from backers on the internet who believe in the project. They’ve successfully raised over $787,000 USD and are in the process of taking pre-orders and manufacturing the smart balls.


For more information, you can visit their campaign page on Indiegogo.


Featured image via PlayDate