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Portable Wind Turbine Can Charge Your Phone

Ben Migono / February 20, 2017

It’s always incredible to see science, technology, innovation and design come together when it’s for the purpose of creating something that betters our today and pushes the betterment of tomorrow.


And this is where Nils Ferber finds himself. Born in Hannover, Germany, and studying product design, Ferber develops projects that impacts the way we interact and engage with our immediate environment.



Ferber has a wide range of projects including architectural-scale installations, to conceptual kitchen appliances. Currently based out of Zurich Switzerland, he’s been exploring in the area of renewable energy, and for this project, he looked at harnessing the power of wind.


He invented a micro wind turbine that can power electronic devices, designed specifically to be lightweight and easy to pack for outdoor adventures.


Ferber looked at the current range of solutions, specifically solar panels, and their very limited power supply, relying too heavily on sufficient sunshine. He decided to explore alternative solutions, and wanted to use the more reliable power of wind that can be used in harsh weather conditions, as well as at night.



This micro wind turbine is one sleek, collapsible unit that is very portable and easy to set up. The turbine unfolds in seconds, and is mounted to a generator, firmly secured into the ground. It’s able to capture wind from all directions and produces a constant output of energy that can be stored or can be immediately used to charge USB devices like your smartphone.


This wind turbine is perfect for your next camping trip or outdoor adventure that’s super easy to carry and set up and super practical, being able to power your phone, or other electronic devices.


For more information about this invention or his other projects, check out his website.


Featured image via Nils Ferber