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Rapper B.o.B. Just Started Raising Funds To See If Earth Is flat

Shelby Chau / October 2, 2017

No… no no no no. When did it all go wrong? Apparently the rapper, otherwise known as Bobby Ray Simmons Jr, has taken a hard stance in favor of the ‘Earth is flat’ theory. Well, that’s not completely true – the theory says that Earth is a disc, not a sphere. Not sure how you can tell someone the Earth is round when they clearly won’t believe it. News flash though, the Earth IS round.


Can’t prove it to B.o.B. though:



He’s saying the Earth can’t be round because clearly in his picture from 2016, there’s two cities that are separated by 16 miles, so where’s the curve he asks?


Enter renowned astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson:



That explanation wasn’t enough because now B.o.B. is trying to raise $200,000 on the crowd funding website GoFundMe to support his claim. He’s serious – so serious in fact that he’s put in $1000 of his own money to get the campaign off the ground. His mission is to send a satellite, but the more satellites the better, into space to try and find the curve. At this moment, he still has a LONG way to go before he meets is $1,000,000 goal.



If you feel the need to donate, you can show B.o.B. the curve, or be like one user and give him $5 just to “prove himself wrong”. Hey, it’s your money!


Or, this is just one glorious troll job.


Featured image via qz Magic. (Reuters/Mario Anzuon)