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Real Life Jon Q Takes A Stand Against A Hospital

Shelby Chau / September 29, 2016

Nothing can prepare us for when the time comes where a loved one is hurt, injured or they are facing the inevitable; death. But the latter becomes even more tragic when the person were standing vigil is the parent and the loved one is a child. Mind you the situation is even more tragic when the child is actually still a kid (under 18) but the fact remains that no parent should have to bury their child.



Back in 2002 the world flocked to theaters to watch John Q, a heart wrenching drama starring Denzel Washington. The story follows John Quincy Archibald, a father desperately trying to save the life of his son Michael who suffered a heart attack due to having an enlarged heart. Once he’s exhausted all financial options and his insurance provider refuses to cover costs he’s told his son is set to be released from the hospital, it’s a death sentence. John takes matters into his own hands, holding the hospital’s emergency room hostage demanding that his son received a much needed transplant! Its an emotional rollercoaster that is sure to have you on the edge of your seat, your stomach in knots and your eyes leaking pretty much from start to finish.


In an article published by the washington post on December 23rd of 2015 they reported about a real life event that seemed to be plucked straight out of the movies.




George pickering, a father from Pinehurst texas. Pulled a gun on hospital officials as he held vigil over his ailing son, George Pickering III. His son had suffered a stroke and was not recovering, he was unconscious, on a ventilator and feeding tube. Pickering Pulled his gun shouting “I’ll kill all of you” jabbing the gun towards staff and his former wife. He informed those around him that the 9MM in his hand ws not the only weapon he had on him. Another one of Pickering’s sons managed to disarm him but pickering wouldn’t surrender to the police, even after they entered the room. Subsequently a lengthy standoff lasted for hours. Pickering stayed at his son’s side holding his hand for the entirety of the stand off.


Image via click2houston

Image via click2houston


Eventually he surrendered, and was put behind bars on 2 charges of aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon. He was released after a month. Pickering had one of the charges dropped and the second was reduced. Pickering said he “Felt compelled to threaten violence that day”


Pickering told reporters that the hospital had told him his son was brain dead and that they had called for a Terminal Wean (A gradual withdrawal of mechanical ventilation from a patent who is not expected to survive without respiratory support.) Pickering refused to accept this diagnosis, Also a hospital employee had approached him and informed him that an organ donation organization had already been informed of “Available organs” and it was for this reason alone he pulled the gun. Pickering knew in his heart that his son wasn’t brain dead.


While holding his hand he asked him to squeeze. His son did it a few times proving responsiveness. Pickering felt confident he’d proved that his son was still there. Today Pickering’s son has fully recovered.


Image Via ZenParent

Image Via ZenParent


What would you do for a loved one? Can you see yourself doing what Mr. Pickering did? Would you feel comfortable serving prison time to save a loved one? Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever done something crazy in the name of love.