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Robin Wright To Lead ‘House Of Cards’ For Final Season

Arin Spits / December 4, 2017

Even without Kevin Spacey, it looks like we’ll still be getting some more House of Cards on the popular Netflix service. But instead of Frank Underwood leading the wag, it will be Claire (played by Robin Wright) who will be taking the lead role for the show’s final season.


Spacey is definitely gone from the show, but Netflix will be filming just 8 more episodes before House of Cards calls it a day. Spacey is currently being accused by several men of harassment and assault – one of whom was only 14 at the time of the event. The accusations first surfaced in late October and Netflix promptly cut ties with the actor while investigations were taking place.


Although the political drama was slated to end after its sixth season anyway, the surfacing of Spacey’s troubles put a wrench into the shows production. Originally planned for 13-episodes, the season already started filming with Spacey in his signature role. After production was suspended, we’ve now learned that there will be a sixth and final season, although the number of episodes will be reduced from 13 down to 8.


It’s unclear how the show will deal with Spacey’s absence, but with Wright able to hold her own on the show, it’s probably the right time to have her taking the lead anyway. Go get it girl!


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