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Robotic Spoon Helps Those With Limited Mobility

Diana Rolland / December 15, 2016

Simple tasks, such as eating should never be stressful or frustrating. However that is the reality for many who lack the range of motion, however, the future is here with this robotic spoon.


The Liftware Team has created the smartest utensil, the Liftware Level, which helps those with limited mobility in their hand or arm, hold their utensil and enjoy their meal.


This innovation has built-in motion-stabilizing technology which uses a computer, advanced sensors, and motors to keep your utensil level, regardless of the angle it’s held, and regardless of any twisting, bending or moving of your hand or arm.



The computer directs the two motors built in the handle to bend the utensil and keep the spoon or fork attachment at the right angle. This technology counteracts any unintended movements, by detecting the changes, and then adapting to the motion.


The Liftware Level can help those with spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, post stroke deficits, tremors, or other disabilities who have a hard time holding a utensil.


This robotic spoon not only makes life easier, but it also puts the joy back into eating, and helps improve the overall quality of life.


via Liftware


Each Liftware Level runs on a built-in battery, and can be used continuously for up to one hour. Generally, lasting for about 3 meals on a single charge.


To charge, you simply remove the attachment and plug it in.


For more information about the Liftware Level and the Liftware Team, you can check out their website here.


Featured image via Liftware