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Robotic Travel Suitcase Can Follow You Around

Diana Rolland / March 15, 2017

This smart suitcase follows you around, and you never have to carry it, making this the best suitcase and robot companion one could ever ask for (and the only one that currently exists on the face of the earth).


The Travelmate was developed by Travelmate Robotics and is basically your new R2-D2 companion as it moves on its own following you on your way to catch a flight, or while you walk to work. Even without all the high-tech features, it’s built as a phenomenal suitcase and definitely worth looking into.



As a suitcase, it’s durable, ergonomically designed, and has a smart lock that requires your fingerprints to unlock. It has a removable GPS chip that helps you keep track of it, so you’ll always know where it is. The GPS chip can also be put in other items that you might lose.


This robotic travel buddy is able to move autonomously, both vertically and horizontally and is able to avoid obstacles and make precision turning, all the while following you. How it follows you is by the GPS tracking in your smartphone. While in its horizontal mode, it can also act as a transport, by carrying things on the go, freeing up your hands, from tugging your luggage around.


Surprisingly, this robot companion is really smart and able to navigate through crowds and able to ride over tough terrain. It also adjusts its speed so that it’s trailing just a few steps behind you. It runs on a very quiet electric motor, and comes with turn indicators, sensors, and multi-colored LED lights that can be customized.


If those weren’t awesome, convenient features already, all Travelmate models come with a built in scale that can measure the weight of your luggage contents.


To learn more about this awesome robotic suitcase, check out Travelmate.


Featured image via Travelmate