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Rock And A Hard Place Documentary Trailer

Steve Porter / February 24, 2017

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has come a long way from his years of laying the smackdown to jabronies whose names don’t matter. He’s molded himself into a household name and cemented himself as a legitimate actor and a staple in Hollywood. While the man is known for action comedies and family friendly films, he’s also quite adept at playing serious roles and telling complex emotional narratives.



Probably the most notable of which was way back in 2006 with Gridiron Gang (which is also the theatrical remake of a 1993 TV movie of the same name). It’s directed by Phil Joanou and written by Jeff Maguire. The film has an IMDB rating of 6.9 out of 10 from the votes of over 34,000 members. The plot is simple yet thoroughly engaging – a group of juvenile delinquents in a detention center are mentored and guided by one of their councillors who uses football as a tool to help the teens understand leadership, gain self-esteem, and learn how to work as a team.



Now here we are, roughly two months into 2017, and the trailer for The Rock’s latest project has been released on YouTube. This is not a work of fiction, but it does bare many similarities to the above mentioned film starring Johnson. The HBO documentary titled “Rock And A Hard Place” focuses on the Miami Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Boot Camp Program. The program helps young inmates by putting them through a strict 6-week course which pushes them to accept and learn from their past mistakes in the hopes that they will make better choices, hopefully resulting in a better future for themselves. This is real people, real stories, real stakes, real charges, real pain, and real struggles. We can’t wait to check this out.


Featured Image Via: Medium