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Roseanne Barr Blames Ambien For Racist Tweet After ABC Cancelled “Roseanne”

Steve Porter / May 30, 2018

ABC has cancelled Roseanne after Roseanne Barr launched a racist tweet on Tuesday. Now, Roseanne blames Ambien for her tweet and has apologized to everyone she hurt—but it’s too little too late. This comes as the latest in a litany of racist and offensive tweets by the controversial actress and proved to be the final straw for ABC, who cancelled the second season of Roseanne on Wednesday.

ABC announced they had cancelled the show after Roseanne Barr tweeted that former President Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett was the baby of the “Muslim Brotherhood” and the “Planet of the Apes.” While ABC’s decision might seem abrupt, Roseanne’s latest tweet wasn’t an isolated incident. It was just the cap to a long career of tweets extolling bizarre conspiracy theories and racist doggerel. Her co-stars and co-workers were shocked and hurt by her tweet and the show’s lead writer, Wanda Sykes, announced that she was leaving the show before ABC pulled the plug.

Roseanne was a rating success when it returned to ABC, but the show’s numbers flagged by the end of the first 13-episode season. Despite that, it remained the top rated sitcom on television and ABC seemed pleased to renew the program for a second season. At the same time, the show’s star was busy digging herself deeper and deeper on Twitter. This wasn’t the first time she’s been forced to apologize for racist bullshit. Barr has been pushing far-right conspiracy theories like Pizzagate for years. Unfortunately for Roseanne, Roseanne was losing it. Her ugly tweet on Tuesday was finally too much for ABC and parent company Disney.

Barr has since apologized and released a statement, exclusive to Buzzfeed, explaining that her actions were fueled by Ambien and exhaustion. We’re glad for all of the people she hurt that she has since apologized profusely to Ms. Jarrett, her co-stars, crew, and fans. That said, Roseanne deserved better from its main star—and her fans and followers deserve someone who can recognize truth from lies and doesn’t espouse cruel and damaging conspiracy theories. This should be a wakeup call for Roseanne Barr—but, judging from her twitter feed, we’re in for more chaos fueled by “Ambien.”