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Sleep More, It’s Good For You

Diana Rolland / October 3, 2017

Apparently, if you sleep less, you’re also going to live a shorter life. At least that’s what new sleep science is saying. Ask Matthew Walker, a leading neuroscientist, who’s job is to understand how sleep affects us – both good and bad. He currently works at the University of California, Berkeley, as the director for the Center for Human Sleep Science.


Over the last four and a half years, he has spent hours writing the book Why We Sleep – which examines the links between sleep (or lack thereof) and potential health risks. These could range from obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and poor mental health. If you’re getting anything less than 8 hours every night, you’re living life dangerously. Anything less than 7 hours a night actually is considered sleep deprivation.


So, why are people sleeping less then? According to Walker, one problem is light. Just think Vegas – how are you supposed to sleep? Then there’s, of course, work. Commuting is a necessity for many, so instead of giving up entertainment time or time with family, guess what gets the short end of the stick? Yup, sleep.


If you’re not getting enough sleep, consider going to bed sooner and sleeping longer. But hey, if you’re awake, why not read Why We Sleep instead?


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