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Sleeping Bag Coat Also Empowers The Homeless

Diana Rolland / December 4, 2016

Based out of Detroit, Michigan, the non profit organization, The Empowerment Plan, has created these innovated and inspirational coats that not only provide warmth in the Winter, but also provide employment and stability for the homeless community.


The EMPWR coat is made to be water-resistant, and very durable. The coat can also transform into a sleeping bag. The sleeves can be pulled through to form a pillow and when the coat is not being used, it can be transformed into an over-the-shoulder bag. Each coat takes approximately 1.25 hours to put together.




Over 15,000 EMPWR coats have been distributed across 40 states in the US and across 7 provinces in Canada. They have also been distributed to a few other international countries.
To learn more about the coat, the organization and the founder, watch this video.


The entire business model was based on this need, focusing on permanently helping people step out of homelessness and empowering them with jobs and stability. With the homeless community in mind, the coats were designed to meet those needs.


People from local homeless shelters, especially single parents, are hired, fully trained and provided with full-time jobs to not only help make these coats, but also to earn stable incomes, find a home, and build their independence.



Since 2012, 34 homeless individuals have been hired and all of them have gone on to secure permanent homes.


Each coat requires a $100 sponsorship, and this cost covers all materials, overhead expenses and cost of labor. By sponsoring a coat, it is given to someone in need. To learn more about this organization and the coats, you can visit their website.


Featured image via The Empowerment Plan