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Snoop Dogg Is A Class Act

Steve Porter / December 6, 2016

Everyone sets their sights high and hopes that someday, they will come into money and all their wildest dreams will come true. Most people pray for something like this, not just so they can live out their dreams, but so they can help friends and family achieve theirs as well. We hear copious amounts of stories about entertainers and professional athletes paying off their parents’ mortgages or buying them a car when they finally “make it”. It’s like a right of passage nowadays. The thing we don’t hear enough about though, are charitable actions from these celebrities. Sure, there are some, but it’s nowhere near enough.



So here’s a little story about a guy named Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr., or as most of the world knows him, Snoop Dogg. Snoop has come along way from the days where he stood alongside gangsters and hardcore rappers like members of NWA, The Eastsidaz, and DMX. In recent years, Snoop has turned over some new leaves you could say, trading in gats and 40’s for football pads and baking sheets. He’s been coaching youth football and recently started a TV show on VH1 with Martha Stewart of all people called Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.

Snoop showed up in Inglewood, California, where him, some local businesses, and a few players from The Rams continued their tradition of handing out thousands of turkeys to members of the community, taking photos, shaking hands, and spreading holiday cheer overall. Snoop has been doing this for three years.

Snoop said, “To be able to come back and give back when you blessed, to put smiles on people’s faces, to be able to feed people… I love to help because I was given opportunity… I’m the gift that keeps on giving.”

Good on you Snoop! We only hope more celebrities like you take notice and spread the wealth for the upcoming Christmas season.


Featured image via: Youtube