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So Adele Got Married, And No One Knew?

Ben Migono / March 7, 2017

The first inkling of something being up was during last month’s Grammy awards where she thanked her “husband” after she won the award for Album of the Year. Yup, the shout out comes at 2:27 and cameras panned over to her longtime partner, Simon Konecki, at 2:31 in the clip below. At the time, no one really paid it much attention.



Now, recently during a show in Brisbane, Australia, Adele was just talking to the crowd about her song, “Someone Like You,” and how it’s about her feelings after a breakup. You know that feeling when you first fall for someone? Well, Adele admitted that she’s “addicted” to it, but since she’s “married now,” she won’t be getting those feelings anymore.


*Record Scratch*


Hold up. How does one of the biggest musical sensations in the world get married without ANYONE noticing? It’s either the news outlets fell asleep at the wheel, or Adele is really good at keeping a low profile. It’s unclear when the official union took place. While some may say it happened over Christmas, no one really knows for sure. Maybe she’ll drop that one at her next concert.


Adele and Konecki also have a four-year old son together named Angelo.


Featured image via usnews (Virginia Sherwood/NBC via AP)