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Stranger Who Stopped Street Fight Is Praised For His Actions

Arin Spits / March 27, 2017

You’ve probably seen it by now, a cell phone recording of a teenage street fight in progress when it gets interrupted by an unknown man. The man sheds light on the situation by showing the participants that they’re fighting for no good reason. He points out the bystanders who are just laughing and recording, telling them that they’re the real cowards.


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Posted by Marmar Duval on Monday, March 20, 2017


For his efforts, he was able to stop the fight from going any further and had the participants shaking hands before the video ends. His name is Ibn Ali Miller and he happened to recognize the kids as from the neighborhood and decided he needed to diffuse the situation. The video has since blown up and has been watched over 35 million times on Facebook – and counting.


The nature of the video caught the attention of City Council members and Miller was honored in Atlantic City last Wednesday.



Miller was emotional during his speech and gave credit to his mother for everything that he’s become. He also praised the young teens, Sheldon Ward and Jamar Mobley, for having enough reason in them to shake hands and stop the fighting. The teens thanked Miller for stepping in, but Miller was more than happy to shift the attention to the one who really deserved the praise – his mother.


Featured image via 6abc