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Subway Singer Mike Yung Is Back At It Again

Arin Spits / February 20, 2017

Back in early September 2016, the world was blessed with something that people who frequent New York’s 23rd street subway station get the privilege of experiencing almost daily. We covered the story of Mike Yung as well as his phenomenal spine tingling performance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, which you can read here.


Well, some feared that after his burst of viral fame Mike might fade into obscurity like so many other “Internet famous” individuals do. While it might be somewhat true for Mike – being that his appearances on television have stopped and news outlets are, for the most part, not continuing to talk about him – he’s continued his tradition of serenading subway riders.



We found some footage of Mike that was posted shortly after his viral success and once again it gave us chills. In the video, Mike belts out the 1964 classic “A Change Is Gonna Come” – originally performed by Sam Cooke. It’s clear that Mike hasn’t slowed down at all. His passion, skill, energy, and grace are all intact and in fact, they’re flourishing.


People stand, taking in Yung’s glorious performance. Commuters stop in their tracks, entranced by his voice and presence. One woman even embraces him. We’re still waiting for the inevitable day when Mike announces he’s finally been given the record contract he so rightfully deserves. To follow mike and his continuing adventures check out his facebook page here!


Featured Image Via: Facebook