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Sylvester Stallone And Jackie Chan To Team Up For ‘Ex-Baghdad’

Steve Porter / June 20, 2017

Scott Waugh, the man who directed ‘Need for Speed,’ will be directing the new action film starring two household names when it comes to action movies.


In this project, the story will focus on an escort mission led by two ex-special forces soldiers. Chan, a Chinese private security contractor, is called in to extract oil workers when the refinery they work at is attacked in Mosul, Iraq. When Chan discovers the real reason behind the attack, he teams up with Stallone, an American former Marine, to stop them. Arash Amel wrote the script for the film.



The budget for the film is currently pegged at $80 million, one of the biggest ever to come out of China. Chan’s company, SR Media, will be financing the film along with Talent International. Chan will also be a producer on the film in addition to Esmond Ren from Talent International, Qi Jianhong, and Hans Canosa.


Stallone, whose recent success has come from The Expendables franchise, decided not to continue down that road and instead looked forward to working with Chan on Ex-Baghdad instead.



Putting these two names to headline the film is certainly going to attract an international audience. Chan is as bankable as they come on the global stage while Stallone actually is worth more outside the US than domestically.


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