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Terry Crews Share His #MeToo Story and Rises Above Critics

Arin Spits / July 3, 2018

Terry Crews has taken a brave stand on behalf of all the women and men who have experienced sexual harassment and assault, condemning toxic masculinity and sharing his story of being groped as part of his testimony before the U.S. Senate last week.

Crews was speaking on behalf of the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights. Many men are unwilling to share their stories (or support the women who have come forward over the past year) in the face of entrenched misogyny and the false notion that “real” men can’t be assaulted. Crews faced industry backlash and public criticism for his testimony, but he didn’t let that stop him from speaking out.

The actor’s story is sad and all too common. He was at an industry event in 2016 when a Hollywood agent, Adam Venit, allegedly groped his genitals. Crews was paralyzed by the shocking encounter and has spoken about how difficult and frightening it is to face such an unwarranted assault from someone who had potential power over his career. Like countless others, it took time for him to process what had happened and what to do next. Crews filed a police report in November and a lawsuit in December, but both were later dismissed because the statute of limitations had expired. Before it wa dismissed, Crews faced pressure from producers and industry insiders to dorp his lawsuit. Thankfully, Crews could still share his story to help other men (and women) understand what had happened and how we can do better as individuals and a society.

Crews was then criticized for speaking out on Twitter by 50 Cent and Russell Simmons (ugh) but rose above his detractors. For Crews, this is a teachable moment that can help all of us understand what it’s like for survivors of sexual assault:

Thank you, Mr. Crews.