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The 1990s Computer Animated Series That Dominated Commercials

Shelby Chau / November 16, 2016

Television and computer animation has definitely evolved and grown over the years, but I remember growing up watching YTV and seeing these strange but cool computer animation shorts between my favourite shows that I still remember vividly. These were the commercials I never skipped and was the first time I ever saw computer animation on television.


These animated shorts were part of ‘Short Circutz’, a series of compiled shorts and demo reels created from hundreds of artists working in computer animation. The series comprised of three film collections consisting of The Mind’s Eye (1990), Beyond the Mind’s Eye (1992), and Imaginaria (1994), each with many different stories and adventures told through animation.


Short Circutz was produced by Odyssey Productions and Miramar Productions and licensed by YTV in Canada. Commercial times were filled with these intriguing computer animated shorts and began airing in September 1994 (which coincided with the premiere of computer animated television series, Reboot), until September 1996.


Full version of The Mind’s Eye



Each short ranged from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length and had its own electronic music soundtrack. These animations were not originally intended as a compilation, but rather were created for things such as demo reels, commercials, music videos, and short feature films.


Most of these shorts were about the creativity and visuals, as some had a minimal story line or none at all, but this compilation showcased what the future of animation would be like, and having started in the late 80s and early 90s, this was cutting edge and extremely impressive for its time.


One of the most memorable short stories is called Love Found about a bird and a fish.



Here is a beautiful story about creation and life.



This is a really cool depiction of musical instruments.



Everything from history, to space, to design, to the future, to trains, to civilizations, each short was an adventure worth watching and something to look forward to between shows.


The Mind’s Eye was only released on VHS tape and Laserdisk.