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The 25 Best In-Game Dunks Of All Time

Ben Migono / December 22, 2016

When it comes to basketball, there aren’t many things more exciting than a dunk that can reverberate through time. These are what we call posters, images of dunks where you never want to be on the receiving end. Unfortunately, most of the people on the receiving end of these dunks are trying to make a defensive play. Problem is, when someone can jump really high, you’re gonna have a bad time. On this list we’ll bring you the 25 best in-game dunks of all time. Some are vicious, some are devastating, and some are just downright disrespectful. Enjoy!


Featured image via yahoo/ballislife/pinterest


#25. James Johnson on Andre Drummond 



This dunk was straight up nasty. Maybe even better than the dunk itself was the comments he made afterwards. “It was nasty right? I cocked that joint back and banged on him.” Savage.