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The Chainsmokers Amazed By This Cover by Walk Off The Earth

Shelby Chau / November 6, 2016

One of the songs of this summer was Closer by The Chainsmokers reaching No. 1 in September, The Chainsmoker’s third straight Top 10 single this year with Roses at No.6 in February and Don’t Let Me Down at No. 3 in July.


Closer is a super catchy tune with its bouncy beat, and the attention grabbing first verse. The verse is so simple and the sound is so minimal that it’s just so engaging and refreshing in this age of electronic dance music on the Top 40 air waves.  


The rhythm of the pre-chorus is just so fun and the chorus is the type of chorus that’s got everyone singing it together. It’s so wordy that it almost forces people to have to learn all the words (Kinda like Summer Girls by LFO, where everyone just knows the words to the whole chorus). On that note, it’s a perfect fit as a summer song with the anthem “we ain’t never getting older”.



It’s no wonder that Walk Off The Earth, a Canadian alternative rock band, did a cover of the song with this amazingly creative music video. The video features a guitar, a ukulele, drums, kazoos, swivel chairs, and some nifty choreography. Don’t forget the awesome treat at 2:28.


This is not the first time Walk Off The Earth (or WOTE) has made a cover, or a creative music video. In fact, one of their first popular covers was posted on YouTube back in 2012 when they made a music video for Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’. The group from Burlington, Ontario which actually started together in 2006 also covers other popular songs such as Hello by Adele, Drag me Down by One Direction and Shake it Off by Taylor Swift.


To see more of their covers you can check them out here, but WOTE is not only about doing covers. The band creates some original music as well, which you can check out here.


Featured image via YouTube