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The CHiPs Remake Gets A Red Band Trailer

Steve Porter / March 10, 2017

Way, way back on the 15th of September, 1977, the first episode of Rick Rosner’s “CHiPs” was aired. It ran for 6 seasons and aired a total of 139 episodes. The original series starred Larry Wilcox, Erik Estrada, Robert Pine, and Tom Kelly. CHiPS followed the adventures of two California Highway Motorcycle Patrol Officers named Joseph Getraer & Frank Poncherello. The final episode of the series aired on May 1st, 1983. Fans of the series rejoiced when over 15 years later, on the 27th of October, 1998, a made-for-TV movie called “CHiPS ‘99” was broadcast in the USA, Hungary, and Australia.



On the 24th of March, 2017, we’re going to have the opportunity to check out a rebooted version of the story. This retelling has a runtime of 1h 40m and is definitely a step in another direction. For one thing, it’s not the TV-PG, family safe story it once was. Written, directed, and starring Dax Shepard, this version of CHiPS is going to be rated R. And judging by the trailer, Shepperd is going to use that distinction as liberally as they can.  Alongside Shepard we’ve got Michael Peña, Jessica McNamee, Adam Brody, and Ryan Hansen.


Poncherello (most likely an FBI Agent) goes undercover with the California Highway Patrol and is teamed up with Getraer. He’s tasked with finding dirty cops in the department. The trailer is packed with over the top crudeness, rudeness, and unchained hilarity. It looks like it’s going to be a blast, but clearly it’s made for mature audiences – so leave the kids at home.