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Casting Announcements for the “The Crown” Season 3!

Steve Porter / June 26, 2018

Viewers should get ready for a host of new faces at the “Royal Family Reunion” when The Crown returns to Netflix in 2019 . Claire Foy and Matt Smith’s dramatic turn as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip is officially over at the end of season two. As planned, new actors will take on the roles of the mature monarch and her consort in season three.

The first two seasons of the show covered the first decade of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, including her relationship with Winston Churchill, her growth as a monarch and woman, and her tumultuous relationship with the dashing (if petulant) Prince Philip. The third season will pick up at the end of season two in 1964 and span just over ten years to 1976.

Claire Foy and Matt Smith were perfect for the part, and their replacements have a tough act to follow. Thankfully, their successors have the acting chops required to bring gravitas and humanity to the part. Three-time BAFTA winner Olivia Coleman (Broadchurch) will take on the role of Queen Elizabeth for the third and fourth season. While Paul Betanny was rumored to be in the running for the role, Tobias Menzies (Game of Thrones) will play Prince Philip. None other than Helena Bonham-Carter will be Princess Margaret, while Ben Daniels will play her husband, Tony Armstrong-Jones.

The next season will cover Margaret and Tony’s divorce—and, we have no doubt, their numerous affairs. We’ll also get to meet the young Camilla and Princess Diana.

Production for season three and four is set to begin in July 2018 and season three should arrive on Netflix in 2019.