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The Dot Braille Smartwatch is Designed for the Blind

Shelby Chau / March 10, 2017

This South Korean startup is changing the information age, making technology accessible to the visually impaired. They’ve developed the Dot, the world’s first smartwatch made for the blind.


Unlike other innovations designed for the blind that usually involve sound, this smartwatch offers a more tangible and faster solution with braille.



The Dot manipulates the 4 active braille cells, where each cell actually moves one by one on the watch’s interface, which uses braille to spell out messages and notifications linked to a smartphone. The moving dots move individually and can be raised or lowered. The watch displayed up to four braille characters at one time. In addition to reading messages, wearers can also use the buttons on the side of the smartwatch to send out messages.



This sleek, lightweight watch is made out of aluminum, and comes with a leather strap, a vibration motor, a touch sensor, rechargeable battery, and built with Bluetooth.
Dot is looking to have finished products ready for delivery this month, but they’ve been working on this project since 2014. They have over 140,000 people who have backed this project, and one of these backers is Stevie Wonder.


With the Dot’s open API, it will allow for more developments in the future, to enhance and improve the smartwatch’s functions.
Dot also has future plans to work with the Kenyan government to use the Dot’s developments for educational tools, as well as plans to work with Google to develop the Dot Pad.


Featured image via Dot