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The Perfect Foldable Garage That Protects Your Car

Ben Migono / March 21, 2017

If you’re a car owner, you know the struggles of keeping it in good condition, having bird poo drop from the sky and landing on your car, and having to brush snow off or even worse, scraping the ice off the windows in the Winters.


Having a car shouldn’t be such a pain, which is why Roberto Bibiano, based out of Italy, invented the Gazebox. It’s a multipurpose carport, garage and gazebo that can fold up with the simple push of a button.



The Gazebox is perfect for car owners who don’t have a garage to park their car in. It’s a see-through foldable cover system designed specifically for cars and motorcycles, and can also be used as a gazebo.


This invention is a cost-effective solution to protect your car against all of the elements, like the sun, strong winds, precipitation, and the wildlife.



The special anti UV polycarbonate panels help provide durable and strong protection, and keeps your car safe and dry from rain, snow, hail, and strong winds. With the Gazebox, you’ll never have to brush snow off your car or have to scrape ice again, which is the worst when you’re already running late.


The foldable structure allows for efficient airflow, and does not retain any of the heat, which makes it easier for your car to manage its temperature when you start the ignition. It can also be used as a gazebo to have a picnic under or to just enjoy the outdoors with a foldable cover above.



The Gazebox comes in different sizes, customizable colors, and is easy to install. It’s built with a durable iron and aluminum frame, and comes with an electric remote opener, which allows for adjustable openings at the press of a button.


Featured image via Gazebox