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The Walking Dead Episode 10, Things You May Have Missed

Ben Migono / February 21, 2017

The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 10, titled, New Best Friends, was an interesting one, filled with mystery, hope, and some special moments. We see one of the most bizarre walkers ever, and we also learn more about some of the characters, as well as the new mysterious community.


In this article, we’ll take a look at some things you may have missed from this week’s episode. By the way, this is your warning for spoilers.



After things go south during an exchange between the Saviors and the Kingdom, Richard gets his gun taken away and he’s left more amped to fight against the Saviors. Richard decides to take things into his own hands and recruits the help of Daryl who he knows also wants to put a stop to Negan and his oppressive rule.


Richard shows Daryl his secret stash hidden away in a small shed. We’ve briefly seen his hideout before, but this time, we see he has also stored away weapons. As Richard briefs Daryl about his plan to attack the Saviors and lead them right to Carol, Daryl stops Richard and the two ensue in a fight.



If you look at the whole frame of that scene, you’ll notice that the two are fighting in front of a truck with a cowboy on it. This is actually the same truck used in the 1977 movie, Smokey and the Bandit, starring Burt Reynolds.



This Easter egg is a nod to the movie that was also filmed in Georgia, and to really drive home the nod to Smokey and the Bandit, we can see a black Trans Am, like in the film, sitting on the highway in Episode 9, where the Rick and the gang encountered the super walker herd.



As we look at this new mysterious group, what we know about this new group is that they aren’t from the comics, so we really don’t know too much about them, but they appear to be very organized and they live as a unique community in a landfill, amongst the trash.



This group of scavengers, led by Jadis, was unofficially named on set as the “Heapsters” by cast and crew members. They’re a strange community that is very minimal in their usage of words, but they seem to have many of their own terms, gestures and signs, and their motto seems to be that ‘they take, they don’t bother’. We still aren’t sure what they were going to do with Gabriel, but we do know that they were waiting a long time for someone to steal the supplies from the boat.



If you didn’t remember Season 3 well, you might’ve overlooked the significance of the cat sculpture that Rick gave to Michonne. This is a callback to Episode 12 in Season 3 when Carl and Michonne are trying to retrieve an old family photo for Judith. Just after helping Carl get the family portrait, she also walks away from the local walker-infested cafe holding this colorful cat statue. Clearly the cat didn’t make it out of the prison when the Governor attacked, so this was Rick’s gift to Michonne, especially since that was the moment that Rick finally accepted her as ‘one of us’.



It’s also interesting to see Daryl with King Ezekiel’s pet tiger, Shiva. He sees her locked up in a cage, similar to his own experience, locked up and captured by the Saviors, and now held up at The Kingdom, but it isn’t until we see Shiva respond affectionately toward Daryl that he decides to leave the Kingdom and head out to the Hilltop community. The episode ends with Daryl leaving the Kingdom, so perhaps this symbolizes him as a locked up animal ready to be unleashed.



Not to be outdone, there was another unleashed beast in this episode and his name was Winslow. Covered in spikes, blades and a metal helmet, this walker was definitely a memorable one. It seemed like Winslow was placed there intentionally, to challenge visitors. In fact, in an interview, actor Andrew Lincoln, compared Winslow to the Rancor beast that Luke Skywalker had to defeat in the movie Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.



To see how Greg Nicotero and the team created Winslow, you should check out this video here:



To see what the cast and crew have to say about what happened in this episode watch the video below. We also learn why Daryl chose not to tell Carol the whole truth in a very emotional reunion, after 11 episodes of not sharing screen time together.



To get excited for next Sunday’s episode, check out this scene from Episode 11, where Dwight finds out Daryl is missing.



Also, in this trailer, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Eugene and Dwight, and the episode will mainly take place at the Saviors’ base.



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