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The Walking Dead Episode 11, Things You May Have Missed

Ben Migono / February 28, 2017

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of The Walking Dead, ‘Hostiles and Calamities’ then here’s your warning for spoilers below.


We finally got an Episode that focused on Eugene and it was worth the wait. We also got to hear our favourite song, Easy Street, but this time it wasn’t used to torment a prisoner in a cell like Daryl in Episode 3. Instead Eugene was bopping along to the upbeat tune.



Overall, the episode was great and gave us a deeper look into the Saviors, all the layers and the hierarchy. We see how valuable and smart Eugene really is, and we also see a really heart breaking scene with Dwight reading a letter that Sherry left behind for him. This episode did a good job moving the story and developing the characters, and I just can’t wait to see what happens next.


Looking back at this past episode titled, ‘Hostiles and Calamities’, here are some things you may have missed.


The Return of Morley’s



Dwight had a secret stash of cigarettes that he kept in his room, and in it was one with Sherr’y lipstick still on it, and he also hid his wedding ring there as well.


The Morley’s cigarette brand is a fake brand that is used in TV and film. It was used in earlier seasons of the show and previously seen used by Dale in season 1 and Daryl in season 5. The brand was also commonly used in The X-Files, Heroes, Friends, Breaking Bad, and American Horror Story. Morley’s is a play on Marley’s, which is the nickname for the Marlboro brand of cigarettes.


Eugene Plays Yars’ Revenge



The video game that Eugene played in his private room at the Saviors base was the Atari 2600 game, titled, ‘Yars’ Revenge’. This 1982 game was a best seller for the Atari 2600 console


Eugene Knows His Dungeons and Dragons


Eugene made a Dungeons and Dragons reference when he was talking to Frankie and Tanya, Negan’s wives. He must’ve been a big fan of the game before the apolcalypse. When Negan’s wives were asking Eugene to develop some pills for Amber, they told him that he was a ‘good’ man, and that there weren’t very many ‘good’ men left. Eugene immediately responded by saying that he wasn’t ‘good’. He proceeded to say he’s not lawful, neutral or chaotic. All descriptions of character alignments in the Dungeons and Dragons game. In the game, each character is categorized, fitting into one of nine different alignments, to determine a character’s behavior.



With the help of Crazy Eddie’s Motie News, they’ve created this illustration that help us understand the nine alignments using The Walking Dead characters. We see that Eugene doesn’t quite fit in any of the ‘good’ alignments, and instead seems to prioritize his own survival above others.


Eugene Is A Scientist Again



There were also a couple more things Eugene said that are worth mentioning. During the episode, Eugene once again mentioned his work with the Human Genome Project, and with Dr. T. Brooks Ellis, and weaponized diseases, and fighting fire with fire. This was mentioned before in season 5 when Eugene lied to the survivors about being a scientist. This seems to point to Eugene using his smarts to lie to everybody again, and he’s definitely up to something, as he walks away from Negan smirking.


A Nod To Our Fallen Red Head



Eugene also gave a nod to his old red-headed pal Abraham when he was talking to Negan’s red-headed wife, Frankie. Back in Season 6, where Eugene and Abraham were checking out the bullet-making factory, Eugene stops Abe from killing the walker inside, by saying, ‘Pump your brakes, Red’ and then calls dibs to kill the walker. He repeats the line to Frankie, telling her ‘Pump your brakes, Red’.


We’ve Seen The Teenage Shop Lifter Before



If you thought the long, red headed teenage shop lifter that Eugene made eye contact with looked familiar, you’re right. He appeared earlier this season in Episode 3 during the ‘Who’s The Boss’ intro with Dwight making a sandwich. In that scene, Dwight raids the belongings of the man that got beat up by the Saviors, who was most likely beaten to death, and presumably the teenager appears to be the son and the pregnant lady is likely the wife of the man.


A Tale of Two Doctors



Was anyone else shocked when Negan threw the Saviors’ only doctor into the fiery oven or furnace? Not only was it unexpected, but it’s surprising because doctors are a rare commodity. And Dr. Emmett Carson was the only doctor on site. If you missed it, Negan mentions that that there’s another Dr. Carson, so it looks like we’ll be seeing Dr. Harlan Carson very soon, but this also means that the Saviors will be paying Hilltop a visit to retrieve the doctor, which spells bad news for Maggie and Co.


The unforeseen death of Dr. Emmett Carson goes to show that Negan will not hesitate to eliminate someone that’s replaceable if they’ve crossed him.



Here are some remaining questions we still have about the show.


Why did Eugene name the sloth-like toy a ‘Grimblygunk’ and who is it for? Is it being used to hide the pills? Is it a gift for Judith?



Where in the world is Sherry? Did she join one of the communities? Will Dwight ever reunite with his wife?


Has Eugene turned to the dark side, joining the Saviors or is he just saying what Negan wants to hear? What is Eugene really planning to do?



Why did Dwight lie to Negan and cause the death of Dr. Emmett Carson? Will Dwight eventually snap? Will he turn on Negan and the Saviors?


The trailer for next week’s episode looks like an intense carnival date between Rich and Michonne.



And here’s a scene to look forward to seeing.



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