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The World’s Fastest and Safest Snow Shovel

Diana Rolland / February 1, 2017

With the changing climate, sometimes it’s hard to anticipate how much snowfall there might be. With different snow conditions, sometimes snow shoveling can take a long time, and sometimes it can be very strenuous.


A typical shovel full of snow can weigh roughly 12 lbs, and for many driveways, you’d be shoveling around 100 times to clear a driveway. Oftentimes snow shoveling can be very difficult for older people, and people suffering from injuries like back pain.


Fortunately, entrepreneur and inventor, Mark Noonan, developed a solution to combat the strenuous labor of snow shoveling.


Introducing, the Snow Wolf, considered to be the world’s safest snow shovel. It’s sometimes also called the Wovel, part wheel and part shovel.


Here’s how it works


The wovel relies on leverage and uses your body weight to move and carry snow, as opposed to relying on upper body strength. Without bending or twisting, you can simply push the snow forward while walking normally.


Using the wheel and design of this snow shovel, it greatly reduces the physical strain of traditional shovels, especially minimizing stress on the lower back.


Not only does it cost a lot less than a snow blower, it also provides less risk of injury, less maintenance, and allows for safer body movements while removing snow from your driveway and walkways.


It’s also said to be able to clear snow as much as 3 times faster than using a traditional snow shovel.


What’s great is that the height and length of the handle can be adjusted to fit the user and the different snow conditions, providing maximum efficiency and comfort while using the Snow Wolf.


For more instructions on assembly and adjustments, click here. And to check out their main website, click here.