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These Houseplants Actually Float In Mid Air

Diana Rolland / March 14, 2017

This Swedish group just made houseplants cool again with these gravity-defying planter pots.


Harnessing the power of magnets, the FLYE group developed LYFE, plant pots that float in mid air. The reason for this is not only does it look so cool, but there’s a whole science behind air plants.



With this zero-gravity plant growing system, these plants absorb their nutrients through the air by their leaves, as opposed to their roots. This means that these plants don’t require soil, but instead rely on the circulation of the particles in the air.


Not only do these plants thrive in the air, but studies have also shown that magnetic fields help accelerate the ripening of certain fruits, thus enhancing plant growth and metabolism. In addition, the levitating plants are also designed to gently rotate, providing even amounts of sunlight.



Each plant pot is a 12-sided geodesic planter that’s molded from silicon, and while rotating, the different sides produce different shades. The silicon planter hovers over an oak base which houses the magnets, and these are available for purchase, starting at $249, plants sold separately.


The team at FLYTE developed this as a way to enjoy houseplants in a new way, and if you’re as excited about magnets as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, then you’re sure to love these floating plant pots.



Featured image via FLYTE/LYFE