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These Stairs Light Up As You Take Each Step

Shelby Chau / December 28, 2016

This will make your stairs lit af (and literally lit).


Created by Polish company, SOLED, this LED stairs illumination solution is something we’ve all dreamed of.


They’ve created a lighting kit that makes walking up and down your stairs safer, especially in the dark. LED stairs illumination is your new solution to walking around the house at night. No more tripping on stairs, or bumping into things.


This lighting system is also great for apartments, condos, restaurants, hotels and more, but not only do they light up each step, they also come with motion sensors that detect your steps and automatically turn on when you enter. No more having to find the switch in the dark!



The LEDs are custom made to fit the number and size of the steps, and come in a variety of colors providing both warm and cool lighting tones, all manufactured in Poland.


SOLED’s stairs illumination system is only one of many products that they provide. They actually specialize in producing and selling products with LED lighting and optical fibre lighting and they’ve been in business for a number of years, and have been successful across Europe.


Here’s a look at more of their products.



SOLED teams up with interior designers, construction companies, showrooms, equipment stores, and architects to develop high quality products from optical fibre panels, to kitchen LED lighting, LED mirrors, to ceiling illumination.


They are constantly coming up with new ideas and products, developing lighting systems for new spaces, and creating lighting solutions customized to clients. SOLED strives for innovation, as well as being energy efficient in their products.


For more information, visit their website here.


Featured image via SOLED