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This Armband Lets You Control the World

Ben Migono / February 26, 2017

Thalmic Labs based out of Kitchener, Ontario has developed a wearable device that allows you to control the technology around you with gestures and motions.


This device is called the Myo armband and it reads the muscle activity from your arm and sends signals to a computer to perform the desired task.



This wearable tech makes it possible to bring the real physical world and the digital world together. This revolutionary technology is changing the way we are able to interact with technology and with computers. Wearing the arm band, the idea is that you can control your phone or computer using gestures and motions, without ever having to touch any surface.



The Myo armband is the first of its kind that senses the electrical activity of your muscles to then send signals to control technology. With this band, you become like a Jedi, being able to move and control objects with hand gestures and arm movements.


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The Myo armband has also been developed to change the way prosthetic limbs work. As a tool, it’s been tested by amputee’s, giving them control over a prosthetic hand, and being able to pick up and move objects. In the video below, we see an amputee wear two arm bands, and he’s able to control the arm simply by the muscle activity in his upper arm.



This revolutionary tech is also being used to translate sign language gestures and convert the motions into messages displayed on a screen and in the medical field. As surgeons wear the Myo armband, they are able to control medical imaging and medical slides while performing surgery. Naming just a few examples, the Myo wearable tech is transforming the way we interact with technology and providing new opportunities to be explored.


Popular DJ, Armin Van Buuren, has already been using the Myo for a number of years to control the lighting effects at his shows as he performs live on stage.



Founded in 2012, Thalmic Labs is making huge technological strides and expanding the possibilities with wearable technology and gesture control. Soon, we’ll all have Jedi-like powers. What an exciting time we live in!


Featured image via Thalmic Labs