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This Invention Makes Putting On Socks So Easy

Diana Rolland / December 13, 2016

Putting on your socks has never been easier!


Czech businessman, Daniel Urbanek, came up with this innovative idea after seeing a colleague’s grandmother struggle to put on their socks. It’s also said that he saw his mother struggle to put on her socks after undergoing a hip operation.


Urbanek created The Sock Aid, designed to provide efficient support in putting on and taking off socks for those with mobility issues, and those who might be unable to bend.


The Sock Aid gives people full independence without the help of others and helps uplift the spirits of those who have been struggling with simple tasks like this, that we may often take for granted.


This innovation is easy to use, only really requires one hand, and is compact for travel.


Watch The Sock Aid demo here:



Setting The Sock Aid up is easy, laying the sock toe side pointing downwards, and the heel of the sock resting on the slot of the tube. Then you gently step into the sock with one movement as the sock slides on.


It also comes with Easy Off which uses a handle and two prongs that help remove the sock. You stick the Easy Off down the back of your ankle, below your heel, and you use your other foot to help slide your foot out of the sock, and the sock is removed.


Roughly a hundred of these Sock Aids are sold per day, selling for £29.99 GBP per set or $42.99 USD per set. Might be a neat gift idea for your grandparents.


For more information, you can visit their website here