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This Is A MUST WATCH If You Love Flying Knee Finishes In The UFC

Ben Migono / May 1, 2017

When you think of the world of mixed martial arts, you will not find a bigger company out there than the UFC aka Ultimate Fighting Championship. With more than 300 events taking place in all parts of the world, the company which started out in 1993 has now grown to become the largest MMA promoter in history and features the top-ranked fighters across 10 separate weight divisions.


If you’ve ever watched some of the earlier UFC events, the rules of fighting were A LOT different from what they are now today. For example, at UFC 1, fights only ended in the event of a submission, KO, or if a corner threw in the towel. You couldn’t bite, eye-gouge or strike your opponent in the groin. Other than that, anything was possible.


At UFC 2, groin attacks were unbanned. Can you even imagine that being in place in today’s UFC??


As the sport became more and more popular, fighters became more skilled and new techniques were constantly being used to gain an advantage. One of those techniques is the flying knee. When performed properly, it has devastating knockout potential. If you love flying knees, make sure you check out the video provided by this reddit user, _FinestJellyBeansRaw.



Featured image via evolve-mma