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This Is The Best Thanksgiving Story This Year

Shelby Chau / November 22, 2016

This story revolves around two people who have never met before, but it only took one fateful text message to bring them together. It’s not about love, but it’s a genuine feel-good story that’s just in time for Thanksgiving.


It started when Jamal Hinton, a senior student attending high school in Phoenix, Arizona, received a text message from a stranger that indicated that Thanksgiving dinner would be held at 3pm. The stranger? Wanda Delch, an unassuming grandma who only wanted to tell her grandson what time to be ready for dinner.


Hinton, was confused at first, asking Delch who she was. Delch still thought she had the right number and said she was grandma. Hinton asked for a picture to verify at which point Delch happily obliged with a selfie at work. Hinton, responded with a selfie of himself, and broke the news that she got the wrong number. But before leaving the conversation there, he asked if he could get a plate for himself.



Delch, not skipping a beat, said, “Of course you can. That’s what grandma’s do… feed everyone.”


Last Wednesday night, Hinton and Delch met for the first time after their text exchange. Not only that, Delch even invited Hinton’s entire family over for Thanksgiving dinner. The only problem she has now is finding a turkey big enough to feed 20 people.


This heartwarming tale was posted on BuzzFeed and was viewed almost 2 million times before the weekend started. The tweet from Hinton was liked over 400,000 times and was retweeted 190,000 times in the same time period.


Give this woman the Grandma of the Year award already!



Featured image via nbcnews