Editors' Choice

This Isn’t Your Typical Ping Pong Video!

Ben Migono / October 3, 2016

If you don’t have an appreciation for ping pong (also known as table tennis) then you need to watch this video compilation of trick shots. Not only are the skills displayed from a very high level, it’s just absolutely entertaining to watch!


The first set of trick shots involve knocking over some plastic bowling pins, and while this may sound easy, some shots look like they shouldn’t be possible at all. There’s some comedic events involving using ping pong paddles in everyday life, like helping a classmate with a dropped eraser and even fending off a would-be attacker!


Female companions also make cameos in the video to some hilarious results. A gentleman might not try as hard when playing against a girl, but don’t tell that to this guy! Then there’s a clip showing the difference between training a girl vs. training a guy – but we’ll let you watch in order to find out what happens!


There’s not much info out on the players from the video, but you can find more clips of them on social media: