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This Wearable Keyboard Lets You Type On Any Surface

Shelby Chau / February 19, 2017

Do you ever find yourself typing on a keyboard or on your phone, trying to be silent and discrete, but you end up making a lot of noise, and get unwanted attention?


Well, you should probably get your hands on this device …or maybe just one hand, since Tap only actually requires one hand to operate.



While wearing the Tap Strap on your fingers, it makes any surface a keyboard, so you can tap your fingers on quieter surfaces and not disturb or distract others.


How does it work? Well the Tap Strap, has embedded sensors built into the strap that monitor the movements of your fingers. The mechanical information produced by the tapping is then processed by an MCU in the strap, decoded and then transmitted into characters or commands on your Bluetooth paired device like a phone, tablet or computer.


You can now type your messages or emails with this wearable device instead of your traditional keyboards, and the strap can be worn by either hand. Learning to type may come with a small learning curve, as you will need to learn their system. Each finger tap represents a vowel, and combinations of finger taps produce consonants, numbers, and symbols. They have an extensive amount of video tutorials teaching you how to type with the Tap Strap.



Tap works with any application with a typing function that’s open on your device, such as your messages, and emails. This device is especially helpful as a tool for those who are visually impaired.


Tap can be used on all Bluetooth enabled devices as long as they support the HID Keyboard Standard. This includes all iOS and Android smartphones, and tablets, both Windows and Mac computers, as well as most Smart TVs.


Featured image via Tap