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Tinder Asks, What’s Your Anthem?

Shelby Chau / November 10, 2016

Finding the right match just got a little more interesting (or harder depending on your musical preferences).


Tinder recently partnered with Spotify, the online music streaming service, to allow users to connect their Spotify accounts with their Tinder profiles. By doing so, users can display the songs they listen to the most and there’s also an option to add an “anthem” to your profile. This is a good way to showcase your taste in music, what your favorite song is right now, and a way to swipe right for matches with similar musical preferences.


Before, matches were based solely on the profile picture and a short description. And while it’s not as in-depth as filling out a personality profile, it’s probably a good next step. After all, if you share musical interests, that’s just one less thing you have to worry about finding out. Sharing things in common would make a potential meeting that much higher.



Source: youtube (Tinder)


But, then again, there’s people using Tinder that probably don’t care what their matches like as long as they’re DTF. It could make for a meaningful conversation though, eventually.


In any case, don’t worry, here’s the best song you can put on your profile.


So, the real question is, what’s your anthem?


Featured image via youtube (Tinder)